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24 Hour Emergency Service Available


Serving Las Vegas and Henderson



Our COOL CLUB maintenance program is an excellent and inexpensive way to keep your heating and cooling system functioning properly. Your heating & cooling systems, much like your car, needs annual maintenance to maximize performance and extend their lifespan. Our COOL CLUB check-up’s allow your system to work at peak efficiency – saving you money and offering comfort year round. Annual check-up’s can result in fewer system breakdowns. Additional benefits include:

  • Save energy
  • Lower repair costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Boost your system’s efficiency
  • Increase system lifespan

Our COOL CLUB offers members the following benefits:

  • Regular rate on after-hour service calls
  • 10% off HVAC repair
  • Priority service on all service calls
  • 24-hour guaranteed service


The "Comfort Now" Guarantee

If your current system is non–operational and you buy a new system from us, we guarantee that within 24 hours we will provide you a climate–controlled environment. We will do so by either A) installing your selected comfort package, or B) installing a loaner system, or C) by placing your family in a hotel for the night(s).

"No Lemon" Guarantee

If your new system(s) compressor fails twice within the first 5 years, we will install a brand new condenser. If your heat exchanger fails within the first 7 years, we will install a brand new furnace.

Total Comfort Guarantee

We guarantee that your new system(s) will maintain the comfort level of your home to within 1 degree of your thermostat set point. If, within the first year, your home’s temperature moves outside the guaranteed comfort level, we will resize the system and install it at no cost to you.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

You can rest easy when choosing Lee Heating and Cooling. We guarantee that we will protect your floors, walls, furniture, lawn and driveway as if they were our own. Our professional installers will wear shoe covers while in your home. Our vehicle will be parked on the street. We will protect your floors with drop cloths and hall runners. We also promise our employees will never smoke, use foul language, or drink alcoholic beverages on or near your property. We conduct a background check and drug test on every employee. Simply put, we will not leave you with a mess. The only thing we leave behind is a comfortable environment and a good, lasting impression of our company.

Total Investment Guarantee

We stand by our price. We guarantee that after you sign a contract with us, if there are any extra materials or labor required to complete your install, there will be no extra cost to you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, at any time within the first two years, you are unhappy with your new system, our customer service, or if the system is not maintaining the comfort level promised and these issues cannot be resolved, we will remove the system and refund 100% of your investment.