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Las Vegas, NV Duct Sealing by Lee AC & Heating Services

Maintaining the integrity of the ductwork in the ventilation system of your home is essential for your air conditioner and/or forced-air heater (furnace, heat pump) to work efficiently and effectively. Ducts containing even small air leaks will create elevated energy bills and may even damage your HVAC system. These holes in your ducts will also allow contamination into the ductwork, which in turn will be blown out into your living spaces.

To solve problems with leaking air ducts, give Lee AC & Heating Services a call and arrange for professional duct sealing. Our ductwork specialists will see that the ventilation system has its airtight integrity restored so that your home in Las Vegas, NV once more enjoys quality cooling and heating, and with no major indoor air quality troubles due to leaky ducts.

The team at Lee AC & Heating Services provides quality duct sealing in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas. Call us to arrange for service.

Signs You Need Air Duct Sealing

Because the ductwork in a home remains hidden from sight behind walls and ceilings, you cannot rely on visual clues to tell you that the ducts need professional sealing. Instead, check for environmental factors as well as other external signs that the ducts are performing inefficiently or lowering indoor air quality:

  • A rise in heating and cooling bills: If you notice that you are paying more for air conditioning over the hot season than you think you should, the cause may be damage to the ducts that is lowering air pressure inside the ventilation system and forcing the AC to work harder. The same applies for heating bills during the brief low winter temperatures.
  • Strange noises from the vents: Damage to ductwork will often cause the ducts to make odd popping and rattling noises whenever the air comes on. When you hear such sounds from the vents, call for professionals.
  • Weak airflow from the vents: The dropping air pressure in leaky ducts will lead to poor airflow out of the room vents. Whenever the airflow feels weaker than it should, call on professionals to look into the trouble.

Why Sealing Ductwork Requires Professionals

You might think that you can solve such troubles on your own with the assistance of a roll of duct tape. After all, what else is duct tape good for? The answer is: "Almost anything—except sealing ducts." Duct tape is an unfortunate misnomer for cloth–backed adhesive tape, because it is almost useless when it comes to sealing ducts.

The temperature changes in ducts will cause duct tape to become brittle and lose its adhesion in anywhere from a month to a few days. No experienced duct technician recommends using so–called duct tape for duct repairs. You need professionals for duct sealing. They will locate the duct leaks, and then use equipment such as mastic sealant and metallic tapes (true "duct tape") to properly close the holes so the problems do not return.

We Offer Air Duct Sealing Services in Las Vegas, NV

If you suspect that the integrity of your home’s ducts has declined, you need only to call Lee AC & Heating Services to arrange for the duct sealing services that will fix the problems. We are experienced with providing ductwork testing and repairs in Las Vegas, NV, and we’re proud of the ways that we can increase indoor air quality for homes. Contact us today.