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Las Vegas, NV Air Purifier Services by Lee AC & Heating Services

Mechanical air filters are an excellent way to create better air quality for your home. However, they are not always the best solution, since some particles can still get through. In these cases, air filters can be combined with electronic air purifiers (also known as air cleaners) that will remove even smaller contaminants, such as gas and odor molecules, that are interfering with the health quality of your home’s air.

At Lee AC & Heating Services, we are glad to help you find an excellent air purifier that will cleanse your air, either on its own or in combination with an air filtration system. Let us determine the right type of air cleaner for your specific situation. Then leave the installation work to us. We also service air purifiers to keep them in the best shape and properly repaired. Trust us for your indoor air quality services in Las Vegas, NV.

Do you think you need an air purifier for your home? Give the indoor air quality professionals at Lee AC & Heating Services a call today for service in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas.

How Air Purifiers Work to Clean Your Air

Air cleaners are electrically powered devices installed inside the HVAC system of a house. Once they are installed, they ionize the air around them using a method call corona discharge. The ionization adds or subtracts an electron from the larger particles that move through the ionization field, giving the particles either a negative charge or a positive charge. A pair of plates on the air purifier attracts both types of charged particles down towards them where they are trapped.

This process is excellent at capturing minute contaminants that might otherwise escape a mechanical air filter. They can trap particles of 0.1 microns in size and sometimes smaller. This will work at eliminating smoke, carbon monoxide, pesticides, and various chemical contaminants.

What Is the Best Air Purifier for My Home?

Since air purifiers come in many different models and sizes, you probably wonder which one is the best to handle cleaning your home’s air. The answer is that it’s best to leave the choice to indoor air quality professionals who have done many installations before. They can determine what sort of contaminants are in your air and the right type of air cleaner to remove them. Once the specialists have made the best choice for your home, they will take care of installing the new unit so that it works just as it should and will not be in jeopardy of requiring repairs in the near future.

Do You Want Quality Air Cleaning? Call Us for Air Cleaning Installation and Service

Although air purifiers are complex devices, having one or more installed in your home in Las Vegas, NV doesn’t have to be complicated. All you have to do is call the indoor air quality professionals at Lee AC & Heating Services and ask about our electronic air cleaner installation services. We’ll match your home with the ideal unit. You can also look to us to take care of routine maintenance to clean the unit, as well as any repairs your air purifiers may need to continue to keep your home’s air the healthiest it can be.