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Las Vegas, NV Air Filtration Systems by Lee AC & Heating Services

When it comes to improving the quality of the air inside your home, one of the most efficient and effective methods is to install air filters into your HVAC system. These mechanical air filtration systems are highly effective at removing the larger contaminating particles that flow through the ventilation passages of a house and continue to circulate through the rooms and accumulate in the ducts unless they are dealt with. Air filters do not require power to run, making them energy-efficient solutions, although they will need routine maintenance for cleaning. They must also be carefully matched to a home’s HVAC system or they will have a negative effect on cooling and heating performance.

To get started with installing air filters for your home, call the indoor air quality professionals at Lee AC & Heating Services. We will be glad to find the best air filtration system to match the issues in your air and your heating and cooling system. You can depend on us in Las Vegas, NV to see that you receive the cleanest air possible for your household.

The indoor air quality professionals at Lee AC & Heating Services offer installation and other services for air filtration systems in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas. Call today for an appointment.

How an Air Filtration System Works

An air filter operates without the need for an outside energy source. Most filters consist of a mesh of fiberglass fibers or other media that attracts and traps airborne contaminants, usually down to 0.3 microns in size. This is sufficient to remove most particulate pollutants, including dust, pollen, dander, dust mites, fibers from carpet and furniture, and construction debris. An air filtration system that is appropriately matched to an HVAC system should eliminate more than 98% of the contaminants circulating through a home.

"But wait, doesn’t my HVAC system already have an air filter?" you might ask. It’s true that it does. But this filter is only designed to trap contaminants that might enter the cabinet of the heater or air conditioner and damage it. It does very little good against the particles that will negatively affect your air quality. For clean air in your living spaces, you must have professionals put in specially designed air filtration devices.

Finding the Right Air Filters for Your Homes

We must emphasize the importance of relying on experienced indoor air quality professionals to handle the installation of the air filters. These filters come in a variety of types that have different MERV ratings (a measure of how well the filter traps particles). A filter with a MERV rating that is too high, such as a HEPA filter, can restrict flow through the ventilation system and end up placing heavy stress on your heater and air conditioner. This will not only raise your bills, it will lower comfort and give the comfort system a shorter lifespan due to the extra stress. Let the professionals find the filter that will both trap the particles you need removed while allowing your HVAC system to "breathe" freely.

Let Us Install and Service Your Air Filtration in Las Vegas, NV

Lee AC & Heating Services can help you locate the best air filters to suit your home’s needs, as well as handle routine maintenance to keep them clean and efficient. Most of our technicians are NATE–certified to see that you receive the highest quality work for your air filtration installation and maintenance. Call us today to schedule an appointment.