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Zone Control Systems in Las Vegas

We are guessing that you don’t walk into your home, flip on the light switch by the door, and illuminate every single room within your house. It would surely be wasteful and, at the very least, unnecessary to light your home in such a manner. However, for some reason, most homeowners still settle for heating and cooling their entire home in a similar fashion. With the use of a zone control system in your Las Vegas area residence, though, you no longer have to.

By using a zone control system in your living space, you can heat and cool your home with greater control than you would otherwise be able to. In order to reap the full benefits of your zone control system, of course, you must have it installed by a trained professional. Only then can you count on it being integrated into your home successfully and for optimal results. Call Lee AC & Heating Services to have the job done right.

Lee AC & Heating Services provides zone control system services in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

What is a Zone Control System?

The zone control system is really a pretty simple concept. Basically, it entails the installation of a set of dampers into your ductwork. Forced air distribution systems depend upon ductwork in order to disperse conditioned air throughout a building. Traditionally, they do so in a relatively even manner. By using these dampers, though, the flow of conditioned air can be manipulated in order to heat and cool different areas of the home to different temperatures.

When you use a zone control system in your Las Vegas property, the dampers within the ductwork are wired into a central control panel, into which multiple thermostats are also wired. Each temperature zone in your house will have its own individual thermostat, which can be set independently of the others. By adjusting these thermostats as desired, you can set different temperatures in each area. Based on the readings of these thermostats, the control panel will adjust the appropriate dampers as needed.

Benefits of Zone Heating and Cooling in Las Vegas

Using a zone control system can benefit the homeowner in many ways. Above all, it is a great way in which to boost energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort. When you consider how much you rely on your air conditioning system during the summer, for instance, and how much of your home is generally occupied at one time, it is pretty clear to see where the savings may come from. With a zone control system, you can cool the areas of your home that are in use to lower temperatures than the rest of the house, such as bedrooms, which remain empty. You can gradually cool those areas as it gets closer to the time to use them, while maintaining more moderate temperatures therein throughout the day. You no longer have to risk discomfort just to take some of the strain off of your HVAC system.

Reducing the demand on your HVAC system has other benefits, of course, such as reducing the wear and tear put on your system. Routine maintenance can help to prevent damages to your system, but wear and tear will take its toll eventually. Whatever your reasons for considering the use of zone heating and zone air conditioning in your home, remember that your zone control system installation, repair, and maintenance services in and around Las Vegas must be handled by a qualified professional. That is why you should schedule service with the technicians here at Lee AC & Heating Services.