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Heating in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas is well known for a number of things, not the least of which is intense heat during the summer season. However, residents here also know that the chill of the winter months is a very real threat to their comfort. If you want to keep your home warm and cozy on even the coldest days of the year, you need a great heating system in your home. When it comes to quality heating services in the Las Vegas, NV area, ours is the number to call.

Lee AC & Heating Services offers comprehensive heating services throughout the region, including the installation of new systems, the replacement of old ones, routine maintenance, and quality heating repairs. Get out there and enjoy all that our great locale has to offer, and come home to a warm and comfortable environment when the day is done. Contact us today to discuss our service offerings.

Lee AC & Heating Services provides heating installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Choosing Your Heating System in Las Vegas, NV

One of the very first steps that you must take in ensuring your comfort throughout the winter season is to choose your heating system carefully. Even the best heating system is not going to satisfy your expectations and demands if it is just not a good fit for your usage habits and personal preferences. When the time comes to choose your heating system in the Las Vegas, NV area, call us to get the information you need in order to make an informed decision.

Why Schedule Professional Heating Services?

We know that a lot of homeowners are quite handy, and that many have experience with various mechanical systems. However, we cannot stress enough just how vital it is that you schedule any and all heating services in the Las Vegas, NV area with a trained professional. Only then can you know for certain that your system is of the right size for your home, and that it is integrated into your household successfully, consuming fuel safely, and heating your home at peak efficiency levels. Don’t risk damaging your equipment, personal injury, or voiding warranties by attempting to service it on your own.

We are the Heating Contractors to Call

When you need any heating service done right, you need to call in a professional with the experience and training necessary to handle anything that might come up. You can enjoy that level of confidence when you allow our fine heating contractors to handle your heating service needs. We aim to help you keep warm and comfortable throughout the coldest weather you may encounter here in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas.

Heating Installation

Do you want to heat your home safely, effectively, and efficiently? Then you need a great heating installation. We will provide you with one, so call today to schedule service.

Heating Repair

Is your heater leaving cold spots throughout your home? Is it making strange noises, or failing to start up entirely? When your heater is in trouble, remember to contact our heating repair technicians right away.


Furnaces are among the most effective and popular of all heating systems. We install and service both electric and gas furnaces to suit every heating need.

Heat Pumps

If you’re after great efficiency and convenience, it is hard to argue against the heat pump. These systems can both heat and cool your home. They are also ideal for heating homes in a climate such as our own.

Ductless Heating

You don’t need to use air ducts in order to enjoy warm, blown air in your home. You can opt for a ductless heating system instead. Such systems have a number of great benefits to offer, so call for more details.


Take control of your heating system with a quality thermostat. There are a lot of different makes and models for you to choose from. Properly equipped, you can control your HVAC system precisely and reliably.

Zone Control System

Don’t bother heating your entire house to one set temperature. Use a zone control system for more considered heating in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Contact Lee AC & Heating Services with any questions you may have regarding the use of zone control systems, or to schedule any necessary heating services.