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Las Vegas, NV Commercial Indoor Air Quality by Lee AC & Heating Services

Both homes and business buildings today often suffer from inferior indoor air quality. The reason for this is that the heavy insulation on the buildings designed to prevent heat loss and heat gain prevents fresh air from circulating inside. Stale, dust-filled air instead circulates through the closed environment, becoming dirtier and less healthy over time. Commercial buildings in Las Vegas, NV are certainly not free from this problem, since they must have heavy heat insulation to prevent excess high temperatures from entering during the long hot months.

To help businesses in the area to obtain much healthier indoor air quality, Lee AC & Heating Services provides commercial IAQ services. We perform jobs such as air duct cleaning and sanitizing, ductwork repairs, and the installation of air purifiers and air filters that will match your HVAC system so energy efficiency will not suffer. Call us today and talk to one of our IAQ experts to learn more about what we can do to provide you with more comfortable, healthier air in the workplace.

Do you want to improve the quality of the air in your business in Las Vegas, NV or the surrounding areas? If so, call the commercial indoor air quality professionals at Lee AC & Heating Services today.

The Benefits of Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services

Contemporary business buildings simply do not receive enough fresh air. Even windows are rarely able to open, and double sets of doors keep outdoor air from entering. The build–up of contamination can make the air that moves around the HVAC system full of dust, dirt, pollen, dander, lint, chemicals, smoke, dust mites, and many other harmful pollutants.

Without indoor air quality measures to trap, clean, or remove this development of airborne contaminants, the people inside the business will suffer from discomfort and health complications. Most of these pollutants work place connected to respiratory troubles, headaches, coughing, dry and irritated eyes and noses, and the easy spread of illnesses. Poor air quality will also lead to an overworked HVAC system that struggles against layers of debris inside the ducts.

When you have professionals provide you with indoor air quality installations and other services, you will have the specific problems in your businesses targeted and then solved through methods such as air purifiers, air filtration systems, air duct cleaning, and air duct sealing. You will have healthier employees, happier customers/clients, and your air conditioner and heater will cost less to run. You’ll benefit in many ways, so call our IAQ professionals today to get started.

Commercial Air Purifier

An ideal method for cleaning the air in a building, especially one that suffers from problems with smoke, airborne chemicals, and odor molecules, is an electronic air purifier. These systems, when professionally selected and installed, use ionization of the air to trap pollutants. Call our indoor air quality experts today to see if air purifiers are the answer to your business’s woes.

Rely on Lee AC & Heating Services for Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services

Lee AC & Heating Services has many years of caring for the HVAC systems in Las Vegas, NV, and we are experienced with seeing that these companies receive the best in air quality as well. You can depend on us to find what IAQ remedy will do the job you need done, and then we’ll handle the job as well.