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Las Vegas, NV Commercial Air Conditioning by Lee AC & Heating Services

When you consider providing indoor comfort for your commercial building in Las Vegas, NV, what is the first thing you think of? Air conditioning, of course. Las Vegas experiences some of the highest year-round temperatures of any major city in the country, and a strong, reliable commercial cooling system is an absolute must for any enterprise to thrive. It means productive employees, happy clientele, and a building protective from the damages of excess heat.

Any commercial building anywhere in the U.S. requires the assistance of professionals to handle service for its air conditioner. But here it is even more crucial that you allow only the most experienced and highly trained commercial HVAC technicians to take care of installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services for an air conditioner. Lee AC & Heating Services has many years of helping businesses in the area remain cool through the heat, and we are here to serve your business as well. Give us a call today.

The HVAC professionals at Lee AC & Heating Services offer comprehensive commercial air conditioning services for businesses in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas. Make an appointment with us today.

We Install and Replace Commercial Air Conditioners

If you are moving into a new location or opening a new business, you will need to have an air conditioning system put in that will both meet the needs of the space and the people inside it, and also match your budget plans. Our technicians will handle selecting a unit and size that will do the job necessary without causing an undue amount of stress on the system or creating unnecessarily large bills. You can count on our team to see that the system works without causing near future repair problems. (Amateur installation often makes mistakes that will lead to years of repairs.)

If your current business is starting to suffer from uneven temperatures or an air conditioner that costs a small fortune to run, call us to arrange for replacement services. We’ll use the same skill for new installation to match you with a great replacement unit that will work better than your older system ever did when it was new.

We Offer Commercial Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

An AC that is struggling with providing proper cooling or which has lost its dependability doesn’t necessarily need a replacement. Often a precision repair from a skilled commercial technician will take care of the problem. Call us the moment you notice anything amiss with your AC, since you can’t afford having it suddenly fail on you during a hot day, or even a warm one.

It’s a wise idea to sign up for routine maintenance for your business’s air conditioning system, since this is one of the best "insurance policies" against an abrupt breakdown. It will also protect you from rising costs and see that the AC lasts for the longest time possible. Call today to speak with one of our staff to learn more about our commercial HVAC maintenance services.

Call Us for Commercial Cooling Services in Las Vegas, NV

Our commercial HVAC specialists at Lee AC & Heating Services understand that proper air conditioning is essential for companies in Las Vegas, NV, and they commit themselves to the task of seeing that each customer receives the best quality work possible. Trust us to take care of the cooling needs for your company.