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Take Advantage of Nevada Air Conditioning Rebates

The heat is with us all during the year in Nevada, and air conditioners handle around three times the amount of work that they do in most other parts of the country. A good portion of your energy budget during the year goes to running your home’s AC. So you will be glad to know that NV Energy offers a number of rebates for air conditioning services that can help you out with those electrical bills as you tune-up your air conditioner or replace it with one that consumes less energy.

There’s an important restriction, however: you must schedule the services with a qualified contractor! Amateurs can’t provide you these benefits—and you wouldn’t want them to service your air conditioner anyway. Lee AC & Heating Services is a qualified contractor with NV Energy (License #0078135) and can offer you excellent service that lets you take advantage of these rebates.

Here’s how the rebates work:

  • First, call our offices and tell us you want to schedule an appointment for a system tune-up or the replacement of your current AC with an energy-efficient one (SEER equal or greater than 14).
  • Second, we’ll come to your home and give your system a full diagnosis. We’ll inform you about what we can do to improve it. This includes jobs such as replacing the system, cleaning the outdoor/indoor coils, or adjusting the refrigerant.
  • Third, you pick what jobs you want done, and trust us to do all the work. The rebate will show up as a discount on your invoice. It really is that easy!

You can contact us for additional information, or you can call NV Energy at 1-702-402-111. We’re all in this together to help homes stay comfortable while using less energy!

Ready to schedule service or replacement for your air conditioning system in North Las Vegas, NV? Lee AC & Heating Services is here for you!

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