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My Heater Died—What Type of Heater Should I Replace It With?

Usually the words, “my heater died,” are spoken with an exclamation mark at the end: “My heater died!” Here in Las Vegas, a broken heater is a bit less of an urgent problem, since our coolest weather is down in the 40s, not in the negatives! But you can’t go through the winter with a broken heater, and if the system is beyond reasonable repair (i.e. any repair would be more than half the cost of getting a new heater) it’s time to have a replacement put in.

But should you opt for the same-old same-old? Put in a system just like the one you have? Well, there’s nothing actually wrong with that, although we recommend that you look for a more energy efficient version of your old system. The technology of heating continues to advance, and there are new models that can achieve 25% or better energy savings than your old model.

But you may want to have a new type of system put in. Let’s take a look at some of your options:

Electric Furnace

If you’ve used a natural gas furnace for your home, you’ll probably want to stay with it. However, in our mild Las Vegas climate, an electric furnace isn’t a bad alternative, especially if you want to save money upfront on installation costs. Electric furnaces also have longer lifespans, and they present almost no safety hazards.

Heat Pump

This is the most popular choice for replacing an old furnace with a different type of system. A heat pump is essentially an air conditioner that can reverse the direction it works so that it can also deliver heating. Since a heat pump is also an AC, you’ll be replacing your air conditioner at the same time—and that makes this a great choice if you’ve got a rattly old cooling system that’s due for an upgrade.


This is a type of heat pump, but it uses indoor air handlers to send cooled/heated air directly into rooms, rather than relying on ductwork. Ductless mini split heat pumps are a good choice if you’re thinking of remodeling your house, or if allergies and asthma are serious problems in your household.

You can contact our heating experts to consult about what’s the best way to go with your new heating. We’ll see that you have the ideal heating replacement.

For fast, reliable service, call Lee AC & Heating Services for all your heating and cooling needs. We serve North Las Vegas, NV.

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