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How to Save the Most on Heating This Winter

Las Vegas enjoys mild winters, with the coldest nights only dropping down into the 40s. The heating system in your home won’t need to run constantly during this time of year, but it can still raise your energy bills higher than necessary if you aren’t careful.

To avoid paying more for your home heating than you should this winter, there are a number of steps you can take. We’re here to help you whenever you need assistance with improving your residential heating.

Keep the thermostat set low and set steady

One of the easiest ways to waste energy in your home is to constantly turn the thermostat up and down throughout the day. This start-and-stop approach forces a heater to run more than it should. Putting the thermostat at a high setting forces the heater to run longer to reach a temperature that isn’t even comfortable. Placing the thermostat at around 68°F (adjusting up or down based on household preferences) and leaving it there during the day can lower your heating bills by 25%.

Upgrade the thermostat

An even better way to increase energy savings in your home with the thermostat is to replace an older thermostat with a new, more advanced model. With the technology available today with programmable and “smart” thermostats, you can lower how much the heater works without having to lose out on comfort.

Have the ductwork professionally sealed

You may not realize it, but a great deal of the heated air moving through your home’s ventilation system may be disappearing out air leaks. This is a common problem with ducts that can be responsible for almost a third of energy the heater uses going to waste. Professional duct sealing solves this problem and restores the heater to peak efficiency.

Arrange for a heater tune-up

This is a vital job to schedule each fall. An HVAC professional will catch all the places where your heater is starting to run with higher stress levels, then provide the cleanings and adjustments necessary to correct them. A heater that has a tune-up each year will retain 95% of its energy efficiency until the end of its service life.

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