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Curious about Heating Maintenance? Here’s What We Do

Even in the heat of Las Vegas, we encourage all of our residential customers to schedule a fall inspection and tune-up for their heating system. This regular maintenance is essential if you want your heat pump (or furnace) to work for as many years as possible, run into a limited number of repair problems, continue to function reliably, and keep your power bills under control. The heater won’t lay dormant the whole winter, so make sure that it’s ready to go when it needs to.

What Happens during Heating Maintenance

When one of our trained HVAC technicians comes to your home for the annual heating check-up, the set of steps they go through varies, depending on the type of system you have. No matter the type of system you have, however, they will check the thermostat to see that it is properly calibrated and connected to the rest of the HVAC system. They will also change the filters and make an examination of the air handler to see that it is secure and its motor isn’t drawing on excess amps. They will then take care of the tune-ups and inspections necessary for the specific type of heater.

  • Gas Furnace: A thorough examination to see if there are any gas leaks or cracked exchangers that can cause safety hazards. Examining the burner and cleaning it if necessary. A check on the electric ignition system. Lubrication of motors that need it, as well as for any other moving part. Combustion test.
  • Heat pump: Cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils (although both may not be necessary each time). Checking on the refrigerant level, recharging the refrigerant if necessary. Tightening all electrical connections. Lubricate and clean motors. Cleaning the outdoor cabinet. Checking the reversing valve.

When the technician is finished, your heating system will be ready for any surprises that winter might throw your way.

For heating maintenance in Summerlin, NV and throughout the Las Vegas area, call Lee AC & Heating Services and sign up for the Lee Cool Club.

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