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Watch Out for These Seasonal Heat Pump Issues

It’s nice when the hot weather in Las Vegas cools off for the winter. It’s a mild winter, of course, but it’s a pleasant break from the sweltering heat of much of the rest of the year.

On the other hand . . . our homes will need heating when the temperature drops below the 50s during the night. This is where having a heat pump is great: it does a fantastic job of cooling of a house during the many hot days, and can handle our occasional cold days and nights easily.

We want to help you keep your heat pump in good shape until it settles back into cooling mode. Here are some winter troubles your heat pump may encounter.

  • Broken reversing valve – When you turn on the heat pump and set it to heat the house, does only cool air come from the vents (or the air handlers if you have a ductless system)? If the thermostat is set properly, the problem is likely that the reversing valve, the component that changes the direction the refrigerant moves through the system, has become stuck or broken in some other way. HVAC professionals can fix the valve or replace it to get the heat pump into the mode you need.
  • Leaking refrigerant– Here’s something important to know about refrigerant: it cannot actually provide “cold.” The name makes it sound like it does, but what refrigerant actually does is transfer heat from one place to another. In heating mode, the refrigerant moves heat from outside and releases it inside. Refrigerant can start to leak from the system, and the heat pump’s heating capacity will decline. Refrigerant leaks need to be fixed and the refrigerant recharged or other components will suffer serious damage.
  • Motor troubles – Heat pumps have a number of motors to drive the compressor and the fans. These motors will start to wear down (especially without regular maintenance) and eventually burn out. When you hear mechanical grinding and shrieking noises from the heat pump, turn it off and call our repair specialists right away.

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