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Why Your AC May Be Causing the Circuit Breaker to Trip

The extreme heat we experience in Las Vegas, NV puts so much stress on air conditioners that it’s not surprising for many of them to start to experience malfunctions during the second half of summer. Even the best regular maintenance can fend off every type of problem.

One problem that can start to occur during the tail-end of summer is when the AC begins to trip the circuit breaker each time it starts its cooling cycle. If this happens once, it’s probably not a major problem, merely an unexpected increase in electrical demand. However, if it continues to happen, then there is either something wrong with the electrical panel, or the air conditioner itself has repair needs.

What might be wrong with the air conditioner

  • Dirty outdoor coil: Over time, the outdoor coil of the AC (the condenser coil) will start to collect dirt and grime. This makes it harder for the air conditioner to release heat, and the system will start to overwork, leading to tripping a breaker. You must call for professionals to clean the coil, as it requires using special chemical foams.
  • Hard-starting compressor: The compressor draws on the most electrical power when it starts up. If the compressor struggles to overcome the initial pressure (“hard-starting”) it will place such a high demand on the electrical system that it will trip the breaker. To fix this, professionals can attach a hard-start kit that will help the compressor get going.
  • Short in the motors: Overheated motors can create electrical shorts when the insulation of their wiring melts. The circuit breaker will trip to prevent an electrical fire from starting.
  • Grounded compressor: Should wiring come lose in the compressor, it can allow electrical currents to leap down into the ground. This will burn-out the compressor and create the electrical overload that trips the breaker. This is most serious potential problem, since it may require replacing the compressor.

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