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Why You Must Never Delay with Air Conditioning Repairs

In many other parts of the country, September is the month when people start to make plans for cooler weather and schedule routine services for their heating systems. But in Las Vegas, September is really just another month of summer—and sometimes it’s even hotter than the actual summer! We can expect temperatures in the 90s and sometimes the 100s for the whole month. That means that our air conditioners still require special attention, including scheduling prompt repairs whenever anything is wrong with one.

What can go wrong if you ignore air conditioning repair issues

You hear an odd sound from the air conditioner’s cabinet, notice an acrid smell in the air coming from the vents, or notice that the compressor is turning on and off again rapidly. If your home’s cooling doesn’t seem changed, however, you may feel tempted to ignore these signs. But you shouldn’t!

The first reason is that air conditioning problems are usually progressive, i.e. they worsen the longer they go on. The problems will probably also trigger other malfunctions. For example, leaking refrigerant can cause the evaporator coil to ice over and eventually the compressor to burn out. A failed capacitor will put additional stress on a motor. Catching the first problem helps prevent a more expensive repair visit from a technician.

The second reason is that any apparently “minor” trouble in an AC will have an impact on the system’s energy efficiency. The extra stress makes the air conditioner work harder, and that means it draws on more electricity than normal. You’ll start to notice higher bills, which are themselves a warning sign that it’s time to schedule repairs.

The third reason is that malfunctions put an AC in jeopardy of failing on you abruptly. The system may still appear to work fine on the outside, but the repair issue can cause the system to shut down during the middle of one of the hottest days of the fall. When you have repairs done promptly, there’s far less chance that you’ll have an air conditioning emergency.

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