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When Should I Replace My Old Air Conditioning System?

You never want to run the risk in Las Vegas of getting trapped during the summer with a busted home air conditioning system. After all, the heat here tends to be pretty unforgiving. Making sure that you always have spring maintenance completed is the most important step toward preventing an air conditioning disaster during the summer.

But eventually, you’ll have to make the big step of replacing the system rather than to continue to maintain it and have repairs done whenever it malfunctions. Right now is a good time to evaluate whether your older AC is ready to retire and have a new system replace it.

So how old is your “old” air conditioner?

This is the first question to ask. Your AC has a manufacturer’s estimated service life, and you need to compare it to the system’s actual age. Most ACs have an estimated service life between 10 to 15 years. Any air conditioner older than that range is due for a replacement… even if it still seems to be running fine. It won’t keep up like that for much longer, and this is a problem that you definitely want to get ahead of.

Check over how often you need repairs

Pay attention to repair frequency. You shouldn’t need to have repairs done on an air conditioner more than once a year, nor should you pay more than $500 annually in repair costs to keep the AC running. If any single repair would cost half the price of a replacement, then you should skip the repair and go straight to replacement.

Are your energy bills rising?

Near the end of their service lives, air conditioners will begin to lose energy efficiency because of the long-term effects of mechanical stress. If you have witnessed a rise in your summer electrical bills over the last two years, and you can’t account for it through increased use, it may be time to put in a new air conditioner. The efficiency improvement means the new system will start to pay for itself the moment it comes on.

Lee AC & Heating Services offers air conditioning replacement in Henderson, NV.

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