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What You Can Do to Avoid Air Conditioning Repair

We’re looking at yet another scorcher of a summer here in the Las Vegas Valley. The July forecast has many days with average highs around 110°F—and the coolest day will have a chilly high of 97°F with a totally freezing low of 75°F. (Hope you have your parka ready!)

In other words, summer will be business as usual. And your air conditioning’s business as usual will be to work steady most of the day and into the night.

All that pressure placed on an air conditioning system can lead to malfunctions as the wear and tear build up. You don’t want to have your cooling interrupted because of a repair need (although you can reach us 24 hours a day for emergency service). Here are some ways to reduce the chance of an AC malfunction:

  • Maintenance: We stress this service often, but with very good reason. Pre-season maintenance for an air conditioner takes care of, on average, 85% of the repairs that the system would otherwise need. Don’t go into July without it!
  • Thermostat restraint: We understand how tempting it is to drop the thermostat down to 60°F, but this isn’t a wise idea. When the temperature outside is over 100°F, you’ll be comfortable at 78°F, and you’ll save money and significantly lower the sort of strain on the AC that will cause it to malfunction. Keep your AC at this setting during the day, then raise it by 8–10°F at night.
  • Change the air filter regularly: We’ve written about this before, but it always bears repeating: change the filter every few months (depending on the filter type) to avoid choking off airflow and damaging the AC.
  • Keep the condenser unit clear: The outdoor condenser cabinet should have clearance on all sides of about one to two feet. See that all plants and shrubs are trimmed back and there are no other obstructions in the area, or else the cabinet’s interior may suffer damage.

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