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Should I Have My Ducts Tested?

When you think of your AC, you probably think of the large outdoor and indoor units, which contain all of the  major components of any air conditioning system: compressor, condenser, evaporator, and air handler, among numerous others. But let’s not forget about the ducts. Your sheet metal or flexible ductwork is responsible for transporting your cooled air throughout the home. If yours aren’t working properly, then neither is your air conditioner. 

What Do I Do about Damaged Ducts?

Whether you merely suspect your ductwork of being damaged, or you know for sure, the first step toward making an improvement is professional duct testing. There are several different methods available, but one of the most popular is a blower door test. All of your registers will be closed to raise the air pressure and then test the rate of the pressure loss. If your ducts are less than air-tight, then that means your HVAC system is less than energy efficient.

What Happens after the Duct Test?

That depends upon the results. If there is minimal damage to your ductwork, then there may be no action to take at all. At least, you will know that the ducts are not to blame for whatever efficiency problems your AC is experiencing. But if there are various leaks within your ductwork, then you should probably have your ducts sealed. Duct sealing is a professional way to remove the presence of leaks, loose connections, and small holes.

Why Professional Duct Sealing?

You can go ahead and put down the duct tape. It’s a misnomer, in any case, and tape is hardly a good solution to a problem with your ductwork. Professional sealing techniques includes the use of mastic, which is a resinous material that is highly durable.

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