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Here’s a Great Option for Air Conditioning if Your Home Doesn’t Have Room for Ducts

The window air conditioner was a huge innovation when it appeared in the 1950s. For the first time, homes and offices had access to an affordable way to stay cool. It’s hard to overemphasize how important this was for a climate like that in Las Vegas: one of our biggest growth booms ever occurred because of the new availability of air conditioning for residential buildings.

Today, however, the window AC is an inferior method for household cooling. If you use window air conditioners for your home because there’s no ductwork (or space to build it), you may imagine you don’t have any other option when it comes to hot weather comfort.

But there is a solution! It’s the ductless mini split system, which combines the advantages of the point cooling of window units with the spread and efficiency of central ACs.

How a Ductless System Operates

A ductless air conditioner consists of a series of air handlers that are mounted on the walls of rooms around the house. These units, like window ACs, contain a blower fan and refrigerant coil that send conditioned air right into a room, without ducts. Unlike window ACs, the air handlers are part of a network that connects to an outside condenser cabinet. Where the conventional central air conditioner has one outside cabinet and one inside cabinet connected to the ductwork, the ductless system has the one outside cabinet and multiple inside units—which is why they’re called “mini splits.”

A ductless mini split allows you to control which rooms receive cooling and which don’t, since each air handler can be controlled independently of the others. This gives you an advantage you won’t find in most central air conditioners: you don’t need to waste power cooling rooms that are unoccupied. Ductless system save money in other ways, too: they use smaller mechanical components, and they never suffer from air loss through pesky duct leaks!

Our air conditioning experts are glad to talk to you about your options if you think that a ductless mini split system is a good option for your home cooling.

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