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Air Conditioning Myth: “The Bigger the AC, The Better”

Does it seem like this might be the last summer for your current home air conditioner? If you’ve struggled with higher electrical bills, multiple repair calls, and a home that no longer gets as cool as it used to, then it’s probably a smart idea to schedule an air conditioner replacement in the next month or so. With the unpredictable heat in Las Vegas, you never know when you’ll need home cooling again.

However, when selecting a new AC, many homeowners fall into the “size trap.” This is the false idea that the best air conditioner to install is the largest and most powerful model. This makes some superficial sense: you’ll have the cooling power you need no matter how hot it gets, and you can always turn it down when you don’t need it as much. However, air conditioning systems do not actually work this way! An oversized AC will mean major trouble and an early replacement.

Why you don’t want an oversized air conditioner

Air conditioning systems don’t work like cars. You can’t change your foot on the accelerator to control how much or how little cooling the system puts out. High-efficiency air conditioners usually have two-speed compressors to help save energy, but that’s the limit of how much you can “throttle back” your AC. The way an air conditioner works is that its compressor turns on and runs until the thermostat senses the space has reached the desired temperature, after which the compressor shuts off. It turns on again whenever more cooling is required.

If an air conditioner is oversized, what happens is that it cools down the space so fast that the thermostat registers that it’s finished too early. The AC compressor shuts down, but turns back on a short time later and repeats the process. This is called short-cycling and it’s a problem for a number of reasons: it doesn’t allow the AC time to evenly distribute cooling, it places extra strain on the compressor, and it drains a large amount of power. An oversized air conditioner will only last for a few years before it needs a replacement—and it will cost a fortune to run until then.

There’s an easy way to avoid this: always turn to HVAC professionals for your air conditioner installation. They’ll properly size your AC so it matches your home’s cooling requirements.

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