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4 Ways to Tell Your Air Conditioning System Needs to Retire

In the Las Vegas Valley, air conditioners are probably the most important appliance for any home or business. If you don’t pay occasional attention to the AC that cools off your home, you may end up in a miserable situation when the system dies on you. You’ll be in a tight jam trying to either repair or replace a busted AC when so many other air conditioners in other homes are also in the same situation, and their owners are also calling for emergency fixes.

The best way to prevent this is to pay attention to the signs that your air conditioner isn’t likely to make it much longer without suffering a complete breakdown. Below are 4 ways you can tell you’ve got an air conditioner that’s almost shot:

ONE – It’s 20 years old or more

Air conditioning systems aren’t designed to last more than 20 years, although some can make it this far with enough care. But in a place as hot as Las Vegas, where ACs run throughout the year overcoming 100°F+ heat, it’s not likely they’ll reach such an advanced age. If your air conditioner is near its 20th anniversary, it’s best to celebrate with a new system.

TWO – It’s costing a small fortune to run

When an air conditioner declines, it will drain larger amounts of electricity to operate. Check over your utility bills for the last few years: are electrical costs climbing, especially during summer, even though you aren’t using your cooling system any more than usual? It’s probably a dying air conditioner at fault.

THREE – It needs repairs on a regular basis

When an air conditioner is running in good shape, it shouldn’t need repairs more than once every few years. But if your AC is chalking up repair bills greater than $500 a year, then it’s rapidly running down and won’t last much longer. It’s best to put a stop to the extra costs and have a new system put in.

FOUR – It’s short-cycling

Short-cycling is when the AC compressor turns on and off rapidly, never completing the cooling cycle. This often warns that the compressor is dying—and a fried compressor usually indicates an AC that must be replaced. Get ahead of the problem and replace the system before it dies suddenly on you.

Lee AC & Heating Services will replace your air conditioning system in Summerlin, NV and elsewhere in the Las Vegas Valley.

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