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3 Great Upgrades for Your Air Conditioning System

In Las Vegas, we really never stop thinking about our air conditioning systems. Even in the “depths” of winter, we often leave our cooling systems running during the day. If you’re thinking that you would like some better performance from your AC, but it isn’t yet time to replace it, there are some ways that you can upgrade it. Below are 3 air conditioning upgrades that we can provide for your air conditioning system this fall.

ONE: A Wi-Fi Thermostat

How old is the thermostat that controls your HVAC system? If it’s a manual model (sliders n’ dials) or a simple digital programmable model, then it’s time for a change! A Wi-Fi enabled thermostat gives you the power to manipulate the settings and programs from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or satellite connection. You just use an app on your phone or tablet. Some Wi-Fi thermostats come with “smart” programming that develops its own settings based on your history, helping you to maximize savings with no sacrifice in comfort.

TWO: Zone Controls

When an air conditioning system has zone controls, it doesn’t need to send cooled air to every room in the house when it turns on. The zone controls shut off dampers inside the ducts and alter the AC operation so that it uses less energy. This will reduce your energy costs, since you’ll only need to supply cool air to the rooms that are occupied.

THREE: UV Air Purifier

You might think that an air purifier isn’t something that will specifically benefit an air conditioner. But UV air purifiers are immensely helpful for AC performance. With the ultraviolet rays directed at the indoor coils of an air conditioner, mold and mildew will not be able to develop across the coil. Not only does this take care of an air quality problem, it keeps the air conditioner from turning inefficient and sending bad-smelling odors around the home.

For more information on how we can improve your air conditioning in Henderson, NV, call on Lee AC & Heating Services.

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