Take Advantage of Nevada Air Conditioning Rebates

Monday, September 26th, 2016

The heat is with us all during the year in Nevada, and air conditioners handle around three times the amount of work that they do in most other parts of the country. A good portion of your energy budget during the year goes to running your home’s AC. So you will be glad to know that NV Energy offers a number of rebates for air conditioning services that can help you out with those electrical bills as you tune-up your air conditioner or replace it with one that consumes less energy.

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4 Ways to Tell Your Air Conditioning System Needs to Retire

Monday, September 19th, 2016

In the Las Vegas Valley, air conditioners are probably the most important appliance for any home or business. If you don’t pay occasional attention to the AC that cools off your home, you may end up in a miserable situation when the system dies on you. You’ll be in a tight jam trying to either repair or replace a busted AC when so many other air conditioners in other homes are also in the same situation, and their owners are also calling for emergency fixes.

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3 Great Upgrades for Your Air Conditioning System

Monday, September 12th, 2016

In Las Vegas, we really never stop thinking about our air conditioning systems. Even in the “depths” of winter, we often leave our cooling systems running during the day. If you’re thinking that you would like some better performance from your AC, but it isn’t yet time to replace it, there are some ways that you can upgrade it. Below are 3 air conditioning upgrades that we can provide for your air conditioning system this fall.

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Why You Must Never Delay with Air Conditioning Repairs

Monday, September 5th, 2016

In many other parts of the country, September is the month when people start to make plans for cooler weather and schedule routine services for their heating systems. But in Las Vegas, September is really just another month of summer—and sometimes it’s even hotter than the actual summer! We can expect temperatures in the 90s and sometimes the 100s for the whole month. That means that our air conditioners still require special attention, including scheduling prompt repairs whenever anything is wrong with one.

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